The Modern factory worker

Being a factory worker in America means owning a craft and developing a trade. It means that you work with a team that shares your craft. It is a symbol of pride and respect because you provide for your family and put food on the table.

We are evolving the definition of the factory worker. Our production line is manned with highly trained, highly educated web developers and engineers who are usually denoted as the brightest minds in the room. A Gotham Factory Worker is not simply producing a product; each Worker is empowered with the tools and the creative voice to build applications and sites that affect people.

We pride ourselves in our people as much as we do our product. Without respect to the people who build them and the people they are built for, websites are simply pixels.


Gotham Pixel Factory was born from the fundamental belief that happy people do great work. When Manus Chaorinuea and Dennis Pierce first met on the ice at a hockey match, little did they know how much more they would have in common. Most significantly, they share a vision of a future where true technologists lead the industry and where engineers spend their careers building, creating, and learning free of bureaucratic juggling. They share a dream in which technology is a tool for furthering humanity—not the other way around. Together they began to create this future and actualized their shared vision into Gotham Pixel Factory.